Live Service Desk
• 24/7/365 Live Answer Service Desk
• Bilingual Support, English and French
• TeleGlobal Service Desk is the main contact for all your IT related issues/requests
• Our Service Desk team is trained on your company’s infrastructure with access to full documentation
• Committed to exceptional service without exception
• Support via Phone, chat or email

Remote Management Software
• Managed patching of endpoints (servers, workstations, laptops)
• Managed security policies and scripts
• Managed software deployment
• Managed Health Monitoring for all Endpoint
• Managed Network Monitoring
• Remote access to endpoints

Total Data Protection and Disaster Recovery
• Hourly image backups during business hours with additional daily image backups
• Advanced screenshot verification of image backups performed daily
• Instant off-site and on-site virtualization and data recovery
• Ransomware detection technology
• Infinite cloud retention (no capacity or time restrictions)
• Geo-Redundant cloud replication (Toronto and Calgary Data Centers)

Advanced Endpoint Protection
• Rest easy knowing your endpoint protection is managed by our Security Operations Center.
• Whisper-quiet prevention ensures business operations are not disrupted.
• Delivers prevention against common and unknown (zero-day) threats even without a cloud connection.
• Uses AI, not signatures, to identify and block known and unknown malware from running on endpoints.

Security Awareness Training
• User training on malware tactics and healthy online usage habits to reduce risk, infections and data breaches
• Phishing simulations to accurately monitor real-world user responses and evaluate risk factor and training efficiency
• Succinct, easy-to-understand, interactive courses increase end users’ attentiveness as well as the overall effectiveness of cybersecurity education programs.

Cybersecurity Breach Detection AI
• Industry-leading AI continuously scans all applications running on endpoints in order to identify and neutralise all suspicious activity
• Protects against any threats that would get past the antivirus protection, further fortifying your network and endpoints

Managed Microsoft O365 Email Account
• Managed Microsoft Office365 Hosted email account
• Managed OneDrive/SharePoint storage for file storage and sharing
• 99.9% uptime guarantee by Microsoft
• Managed Office365 Hosted Email Backup with Archiving
• 3x/day backup to cloud of all M365 hosted services
• Infinite cloud Retention for all M365 hosted services
• Managed Email Protection Service
• Managed Multi Factor Authentication

Employee Monitoring with Productivity Measurement
• Real-time activity monitoring
• Comprehensive user activity reports for everything that happens on your monitored workstation, be it web, application or system usage, online or off.
• Activity-based alarms
• Data leak prevention (DLP)

Quarterly Business Reviews
• Overview of the state of IT for the company
• IT equipment lifecycle analysis
• Service ticket review
• Network assessment and risk report
• Security assessment and risk report
• Strategic planning

Virtual CIO and annual IT strategy formulation
• TeleGlobal is the primary resource for all your IT needs
• Liaison/co-ordination with all external IT vendors
• IT project planning and management
• Link IT systems to your business needs
• IT Budgeting
• Annual IT strategy formulation and revision

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