Outsourced IT Services

Serving Markham and Toronto, TeleGlobal delivers first-rate outsourced IT services suitable for every business stage, from emerging startups to seasoned enterprises. Our proficient IT specialists are on hand to address all your technology needs with utmost precision.

Outsourced IT Services

Founded in 1999, TeleGlobal provides high quality Managed IT Services, Co-Managed IT Solutions, vCIO Services, Data backup and Recovery, Strategic IT Consulting, and Cybersecurity solutions for our clients with physical locations in Markham, and Toronto.

The business environment in Toronto and Markham is very competitive. You need an IT company that stays ahead of the curve – one that offers essential advice on up-to-date solutions and provides top-rated, comprehensive IT services that support your efforts. TeleGlobal is this IT company.

By understanding the myriad of nuances each client brings to the table, TeleGlobal deploys our knowledge to improve their business operations with top-rated, cost-effective, value-based Business IT Solutions. To find out for yourself, contact us in Markham, and Toronto.

What does this mean? It’s all about using technology to:

More than 20 years experience delivering optimal IT services to our clients
Zero cyber incidents for our clients that utilize our complete cybersecurity suite
Comprehensive managed services that address you each and every business technology need
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How Does the Right Outsourced IT Services Company Help You Exceed Organizations Goals & Objectives?

Technology continues to evolve. Organizations around the world are adapting. In fact, 88% of companies are working towards a technology transformation right now.

Why? Because failing to adapt means significant setbacks in terms of customer retention, growth, and profitability.

Let the best Managed IT Services provider in Markham, and Toronto. help you with achieving high goals and satisfying your customers’ needs.

Outsourced Managed IT Services

We provide organizations in Markham, and Toronto. with proactive Managed IT Services and 24/7 Support for a predictable monthly fee, we’ll monitor and secure your network to prevent IT downtime and cybersecurity threats that can shut you down. If irregularities appear, we remotely remediate them, sometimes before you even know they exist. If we can’t repair a problem remotely, we’ll schedule an on-site visit ASAP to keep your network running.

Cloud Migrations

Your communication system has to be flexible enough to go with you wherever and whenever you need it. A VoIP Business Phone System delivers this type of convenience. Whether you’re at the office, at home, or traveling to a meeting, you can take those important calls from your staff, customers, and colleagues using the same features you have in the office.

VoIP & Cloud Phone Systems

You can increase your productivity, accessibility, scalability, mobility, and security with Cloud Services. It’s a cost-effective way to store, share, and archive your organization’s data. Using cloud solutions is relatively easy. But migrating to them can be disastrous unless you know what you’re doing. It involves moving data, applications, and systems from your on-premises infrastructure to a cloud service provider’s infrastructure. Our cloud migration experts can handle this for you to minimize risks.

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Disaster Backups & Planning for IT and VoIP

Our Backup & Planning Services are designed to shield businesses in Markham and Toronto from significant disruptions such as theft, vandalism, fire, floods, and even accidental data deletions. We ensure that your critical digital files and applications are always accessible, allowing your operations to recover swiftly and efficiently. Moreover, with our VoIP & Cloud Phone Systems, businesses in Markham and Toronto can enjoy uninterrupted service, maintaining connectivity even when traditional phone and power lines are down.

Managed SOC

Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) services by TeleGlobal offer a comprehensive cybersecurity solution for businesses seeking to enhance their defense against cyber threats. Our SOC provides around-the-clock monitoring and analysis of your organization's security posture, ensuring swift detection and response to any potential incidents. With TeleGlobal's managed SOC, you get the expertise of seasoned security professionals combined with cutting-edge technology to protect your digital assets and maintain operational continuity.

Microsoft 365 Solutions

Microsoft 365 is the central hub for most business operations. We’ll make sure you’re using the program to its full potential – email, Teams, shared calendars, and so on for maximum uptime.

Network Operations Center

Businesses that operate around the clock – financial services, manufacturing, energy, etc. – need constant and reliable connectivity. TeleGlobal’s NOC team monitors IT infrastructures for these companies to manage risks before they impact performance.

Remote Monitoring

The vast majority of our duties can be managed virtually. TeleGlobal’s leading remote management software allows us to patch endpoints, manage security policies, deploy software, and more within minutes.

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Cloud Computing

The future of business is in the cloud – but the “perfect” cloud formula looks different for every company. Our experts will create the most practical and cost-effective cloud environment that fits your business like a glove.

vCIO Services

IT leadership is crucial for every business – but hiring in-house is not always feasible. Whether you need guidance on an IT project, budgeting, help during a staff transition, or anything else, clients can hire a vCIO from TeleGlobal on an as-needed basis.